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Result 03-000070

Age Range50 to 65
EthnicityAfro Caribbean
Height (cm) 160cm
Date found10 / 04 / 2002
Estimated Death
Body or remainsBody

Female found on grass area to the side of the M45, near Byfield. She was found to have ingested a quantity of cocaine, and it is possible she had acted as a drug courier into the country.

Hair Dark - Greying
Facial hair
Eye colourBrown
Distinguishing features

Mark - mole - Right buttocks

Scar - surgical abdomen two post operative scars

Scar - unspecified - Right arm 3 scars on inside of right arm

Scar - unspecified - Left - Upper arm two scars on inner upper arm

Scar - unspecified - Left - Centre arm

Scar - unspecified - Right - Lower face 2 very old scars on bottom of right jaw bone

Mark - mole - Right - Lower face prominent mole between nose/upper lip

Scar - unspecified - Left brow scar above left eyebrow


Footwear - Moccasins - Black - Right shoe missing, size 7, with small wedge

Shirt/blouse - Short sleeved - Orange - Floral - orange/bronze/gold "tom bowker for coterie" with orange shoulder pads.

Dress - Skirt - Black - black/pink "viva you usa/act/f1" on label in pink/blue letters.

Shirt/blouse - Rugby - Multi - Blue, white and red

Underwear - Knickers - White - Paisley - white/cream cotton type material with blue & red leaf/paisley design to front

Daventry Northamptonshire


10/04/02 | Northamptonshire Police


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