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Result 03-001329

Age Range25 to 35
EthnicityWhite European
Height (cm) 185cm
Date found19 / 05 / 1996
Estimated Death
Body or remainsBody

Body found on the bank of the River Avon. Believed he fell from Clifton suspension bridge.

Hair Light brown - Collar length
Facial hair
Eye colourBlue

Jacket - Leather - Black

Shirt/blouse - Sweatshirt - Black - With 3 button and collar

Trousers - Jeans - Blue - "lee riders"

Footwear - Boots - Brown

Hose - Socks - White

Headwear - Checked - Cloth cap

Underwear - Underpants - Blue - Navy

Headwear - Baseball - Black - Logo on it

Underwear - Underpants - Green

Hose - Socks - Grey


Silk cut cigarettes, Paperback book - 'The Greatest Batman Stories', Great Britain A-Z map, Thomas Moores 'Utopia' book, no outer cover and 'West Glamorgan County Council' on the front page, Holy Bible, London shopper, Guide map Eurohike Adventure, Black sleeping bag, Cardboard with handwritten message 'Sleeping rough, thank you', Green towel, Blue umbrella, Black corkscrew, 'Barclays' blank giro slip, 3 x disposable razors, Shaving stick, 'Lynx' body spray, Yellow toothbrush, Tin opener, Red penny whistle, White cup, £6.61 cash, Passport size photo

Bristol Somerset


19/05/96 | Avon And Somerset Constabulary


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  • Petrus Antonius BEENTJES

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