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Result 03-001362

Age Range40 to 50
EthnicityWhite European
Height (cm) 167cm to 172cm
Date found02 / 01 / 1995
Estimated Death
Body or remainsBody

Body found in the gates of Sonning Lock, Reading. Believed to have been in the water 3 to 18 months.

Facial hair
Eye colourUnknown
Distinguishing features

Peculiarity - unspecified teeth


Jacket - Blue - Blue/black zip up with green patches on pockets

Shirt/blouse - Shirt - Black - Black/white indonesian/indian patterned shirt

Trousers - Grey - Checked - Prince of wales check "m+s" make

Footwear - Shoes - Black

Hose - Socks - Purple

Belt - Brown - With gilt buckle


Pair of gold rimmed folding reading glasses in black pouch, black pouch with loose change, blue handled 'Draper' screwdriver

Reading Berkshire


02/01/95 | Thames Valley Police


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