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Result 04-005710

Age Range55 to 65
Height (cm) 170cm
Date found20 / 07 / 2001
Estimated Death
Body or remainsBody

Female remains found in the sea off the Guernsey coast. Believed to have been in the water 3 to 6 months. Evidence she had undergone a hysterectomy operation in the past.

Hair Brown - Greying - Short
Facial hair
Eye colourUnknown
Distinguishing features

Scar - surgical abdomen hysterectomy

Lacking - upper teeth - Lower teeth all missing - probably dentures


Jacket - Ski - Blue - Dark blue with dark red lining ' carda' or 'c and a' korean make

Shirt/blouse - T-shirt - Grey - Dk grey 'mackays' label with english washing instructions

Trousers - Tracksuit - Black - Interior waist line label cut off


Earring - 2 - yellow stud (one in each ear)

Ring - 1 - metal band type 'fidelity' inside

Ring - 1 - metal band type (photo shows possibly fish


Small torch with the word 'Mallory' on the outside. Appears to have been printed by the manufacturer - contained 2AA batteries with Tesco emblem on them


Channel Islands

20/07/01 | Guernsey Police


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