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Result 04-011369

Age Range20 to 40
EthnicityAfro Caribbean
Height (cm) 157cm to 162cm
Date found29 / 10 / 2004
Estimated Death29 / 10 / 2004
Body or remainsBody

Female seen to jump from window of the 21st floor of Wembley Point.

Hair Black - Afro
Facial hair
Eye colourBrown

Jacket - Bomber - Maroon - Zip from with fabric cuffs, material was shiny/plastic appearance.

Gloves - Leather - Black - One glove on right hand

Jumper - Polo neck - Black - Very thin material

Jumper - Crew neck - Claret - Worn over top of polo neck

Trousers - Slacks - Black

Hose - Tights - Black

Footwear - Boots - Black - Make 'sketchers', with zip and buckle on sides.

Trousers - Casual - Black


Earring - 1 - stud in right ear

Ring - 1 - white/siler metal on ring finger on right hand (conch shell design)

Watch - 1 - black strap silver face

Ring - 1 - silver ring on little finger left hand


£5.20 cash Oil painting 2ft x 1ft of figures. Guardian newspaper dated 29/10/04. Black carrier bag with clear lettering CPNY (Central Park, New York) Black disposable lighter Used packet of 10 Marlborough cigarettes Bus pass valid 26/10/04-01/11/04 issued Seven Sisters Rd N4 0707 hours

London Greater London


29/10/04 | Metropolitan Police


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