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Result 06-024025

Age Range20 to 60
EthnicityWhite European
Height (cm) Unknown
Date found15 / 06 / 1993
Estimated Death
Body or remainsRemains

Human left foot washed up on the beach at Clevedon. Believed to have been in the water for several weeks. The right foot was found on 06/08/94.

Facial hair
Eye colourUnknown

Hose - Socks - Blue - Navy nylon

Footwear - Trainers - Grey - 'nike air' predominantly grey with blue and green flashing with.......

Footwear - Trainers - Grey - ....black sole and blue tip where is curved upwards at the toe

Headwear - Crash helmet - Blue - Canoist type plastic, royal blue colour 'cooper' make marked with.....

Headwear - Crash helmet - Blue - ....'nicky lewis', 'o.js', 'g5' and 'tiks' (or could read 'jiks')

Clevedon Somerset


15/06/93 | Avon And Somerset Constabulary


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