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Result 07-031028

Age Range20 to 30
Height (cm) 170cm to 175cm
Date found22 / 08 / 2007
Estimated Death
Body or remainsBody

Skeletal remains found in an unused wooden shed on the Portman Burley Estate. Believed to have been dead approximately 7 months to 2 years.

Facial hair
Eye colourUnknown

Footwear - Trainers - Blue - Blue and white 'mcdaniel by xanthus'

Hose - Socks - 3 x pairs light ablue

Underwear - Boxer shorts - 'rivqi' or 'ruiqi'

Trousers - Jeans - Blue - Dark blue

Trousers - Tracksuit - Blue

Shirt/blouse - T-shirt - Striped - Pale with two dark stripes down either arm

Jumper - Beige - 'maxxpoll' or 'mapoll' with wording 'it is always over the top' across chest area

Jacket - Bomber - Black - Orange lining

Belt - Black - 'devis' belt

Jacket - Fleece - Blue - Dark blue 'us sportsware'


Grey rucksack, clothes peg wrapped in tissue paper

Beaconsfield Buckinghamshire


22/08/07 | Thames Valley Police


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