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Result 09-001423

Age Range50 to 60
Height (cm) 152cm
Date found19 / 02 / 2009
Estimated Death19 / 02 / 2009
Body or remainsBody

Male found deceased in the toilets of the restaurant. Known in the local area for about 20 years as 'Charlie'. Believed to have been from Indonesia, possibly Sumatra. Scar indicates he had previously had surgery, and he suffered from an enlargered heart as well as showing signs he had suffered a stroke previously.

Hair Black
Facial hairClean shaven
Eye colourUnknown
Distinguishing features

Scar - unspecified - Right - Centre abdomen vertical


Trousers - Cords - Green - Emerald green

Jacket - Blue - Zipped front, blue outside, fawn inside

Jumper - Top - Grey/black wool top

Belt - Brown


Chain - 1 - neck chain (linked) with finger ring, yellow metal

Watch - 1 - yellow metal, "rotary", brown leather strap

Earring - 3


Black leather wallet, cards, lighter, roll-up machine, mobile phone belonging to someone else

Bournemouth Dorset


19/02/09 | Dorset Police


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