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Result 13-001849

Age Range20 to 40
EthnicityWhite European
Height (cm) 172cm to 177cm
Date found17 / 03 / 2013
Estimated Death17 / 02 / 2013
Body or remainsBody

Male body recovered from Bridgewater Canal, Pomona Dock

Hair Brown - Short
Facial hair
Eye colourUnknown

Shirt/blouse - T-shirt - Black

Underwear - 'north face' thermal long johns


On 16/02/2013 a member of the public found the following items on the Trafford side of the canal close to where the male was recovered in March. A light blue MONTANE fleece, brown cord trousers and black lace up boots. In addition 3 religious bound documents titled 'Knowledge and Understanding', 'Wholeness and Being' and 'Becoming' were found on the bank. The books contained compilations of random quotes and extracts from a variety of religious sources. The documents give the appearance of being self compiled probably from on-line sources. It is suspected that the clothing and documents relate to the deceased male.

Trafford Greater Manchester


17/03/13 | Greater Manchester Police


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