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  • Questionniare

    To mark a year since the launch of the website, we have created a questionnaire to try and get your views and opinions on how and why you use the website. By gaining a better understanding of your views and opinions, we are better able to develop and [ Continue reading ]

  • New proposals for power of guardianship

     Every year approximately 250,000 people go missing across the United Kingdom. Whilst most disappearances are resolved relatively quickly, others continue for weeks, months and even years, leaving family members to cope with the pain of not knowing [ Continue reading ]

  • Department for Education Consultation

    In July 2012, Ministers made a commitment to improve the protection of children living in children's homes by amending regulations in order to allow Ofsted to share the location of children's homes with the police and other relevant agencies. This [ Continue reading ]

  • Missing Children and Adults Strategy

    In December 2011, a cross-Government strategy for missing children and adults in England and Wales was launched. Published by the Home Office, the strategy emphasises the role that the police, non-governmental organisations, charities and local [ Continue reading ]

  • How many people go missing?

    The UK Missing Persons Bureau publishes its annual assessment of missing and found persons today.The new report includes figures provided by forces across the country on the number of missing person incidents reported to the police in the financial year [ Continue reading ]



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