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Case ResultsCreated: 12-11-12

What cases are included?

All unidentified cases, including bodies, remains and alive individuals, found in the UK will be eligible for publicising on the website. However, cases within the categories outlined below will generally be excluded from inclusion unless specifically requested by the force/coroner involved: 

  • Babies (aged one year and under)
  • Murder investigations (or where this is suspected)
  • Partial remains where it is deemed there would be little value in publicity (e.g. single bones) 

Other cases may also be considered inappropriate for the website, although the intention is to publicise cases on the site unless there is a reason not to.

What images will be shown?

Only sanitised images will be included on the site. This will include:

  • Photographs of the unidentified individual
  • Photographs of jewellery, clothing, possessions
  • Photographs or artistic renderings of tattoos
  • Artist impressions of how the person may have looked
  • Images of 3D representations of how the person may have looked

If I find an image distressing what can I do?

Email the Bureau at missingpersonsbureau@nca.x.gsi.gov.uk and give details as to which image you find distressing and briefly why. Images can be very powerful in aiding identification, and therefore it is intended that images will be included if possible. However, where concerns are raised, images will be considered for removal from the site.

If I can’t find someone on the website can I assume they are not dead?

The cases shown on the website are cases where an unidentified body or remains have been found (excluding those cases listed in ‘What cases are included’) and does not necessarily mean the person you are searching for is not deceased, as not all bodies of missing persons have been found.


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