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Reporting a NameCreated: 12-11-12

How do I contact the Missing Persons Bureau to report a possible name?

The best way to contact the Bureau is by email at missingpersonsbureau@npia.pnn.police.uk  giving as much information as possible about the person you think it is such as date of birth, description, when and where they were last seen and if they have been reported missing and in which force.  The Bureau will acknowledge your email within 5 working days via email.

Is my information confidential?

Any information provided to the Bureau as to the possible identity of the person has to be passed to the police/coroner for investigation, but your details will not be provided unless without that information the police/coroner cannot proceed with the investigation.

When I report a possible name what happens next?

The Bureau will review the available information to determine if the missing individual may be a match. Where this cannot be ruled out definitively by Bureau staff, details will be passed to the police force investigating the case to investigate further.

What evidence/information will I need to provide to help confirm who a person is?

It would be helpful to have as much information as you have available such as the persons name, date of birth, when and where they were last seen, any distinguishing features such as scars or tattoos, their physical description when last seen, their lifestyle, places they liked to go to, would they have travelled abroad and any medical history such as operations or broken bones. A photograph would also be useful.

If I think the unidentified person is a relative will I need to provide a DNA sample?

If the person you believe the unidentified person may be has been reported missing to the police, there will be no cost to you as the DNA you provide will be part of the police investigation in to the missing person.

To find out more and what to do please read the guidance document, Information on DNA for Families.

Can I report a possible name to more than 1 case if I am not sure which case is a match?

There is no limit to the number of cases you give a name to; all will be reviewed as possible matches.

How quickly will I be notified that my suggested name is a match or not?

The Bureau will acknowledge your email giving us the name/s within 5 working days. It will take longer to confirm whether the name is a match and no time limit can be given. It depends on what information is available, whether forensics have been obtained or are able to be obtained. The force will have operational commitments, other priorities and budget constraints which may have an impact on their capacity to review the case quickly.

Should I report a possible name to the local police force if it is an open missing enquiry?

If you believe you have a possible name for an unidentified person seen on the website then we ask that you inform the Bureau at missingpersonsbureau@npia.pnn.police.uk who will contact the investigating police force for you.


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