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canlyniad 06-024611

Age Range24 to 36
ethnigrwyddWhite European
taldra (cm) 172cm
Date found26 / 03 / 1971
dyddiad marwolaeth tybiedig
corff neu gweddillionBody

Male body was found in a shallow grave in a field off Newton Road, Burton. It is believed he had been there for 9 to 12 months. He has a partial upper denture and had extensive dental work done less than 6 months before his death. his hands were small with well kept short nails.

Hair Brown - Syth - Byr
blew wyneb
lliw llygaidAnhysbys
nodweddion gwahaniaethol

Peculiarity - deformed gwddf Had a neck condition (torticollis) that would cause his head to lean to the right


Hose - Hosanau - Amryliw - Mustard coloured heel and toe with the remainder a pinkish beige colour


Modrwy - 1 - Ladies 9ct gold wedding ring on right finger manufactured in 1967/1968 by henry showell ltd

Burton-On-Trent Staffordshire


26/03/71 | Staffordshire Police


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