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Result 03-000104

Age Range35 to 45
EthnicityWhite European
Height (cm) 163cm
Date found10 / 08 / 2000
Estimated Death
Body or remainsBody

Female body found at the bottom of the cliffs at Dover. Believed that she had fallen from above and property found at the top of the cliffs is believed to belong to her. She had green/brown eyes and suffered from an ovarian cyst.

Hair Black - Short
Facial hair
Eye colourUnknown
Eye colour detailGreen/brown
Distinguishing features

Mark - cyst genitals ovarian

Scar - surgical - Lower abdomen transverse, 19cm

Scar - cut - Left - Lower wrist


Hose - Tights - Black - 'sexy underwear'

Footwear - Ankle boots - Flat heeled chelsea boots

Dress - Skirt - Black - Pin stripe - Short

Jacket - Blue - Black blue

Belt - Black - Yellow buckle

Underwear - Body - Black - Polyester bodysuit

Shirt/blouse - Shirt - Black

Headwear - Black - Bikers hat


Necklace - 1 - pearl

Watch - 1 - "limit"

Ring - 6 - on both hands but not on wedding finger, rings on right hand described as 2 x gold entwined or separate gold bands often known as a russian ring


£60 stuffed down bra, tourist information on Oxford, Lipstick, handbag (with name 'Christina May' inside) with purse, half bottle of vodka

Dover Kent


10/08/00 | Kent County Constabulary


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