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Result 15-007500

Age Range40 to 45
Height (cm) 167cm to 170cm
Date found07 / 12 / 2015
Estimated Death
Body or remainsBody

The deceased male was found on 07/12/2015 in a small area of trees and bushes on the west side of Hackney Marshes.

Facial hairUnknown
Eye colourUnknown

Jacket - Anorak - Black - Plain - 'northface'

Trousers - Jeans - Blue - Light blue jeans with orange seams and a small brown leather logo on the front right mini pocket

Jumper - Hooded - Grey - Fairly dark grey hooded top with a front zip and wide flat grey cords to tighten the hood, possibly a 'superdry' hoody or very similar

Jumper - V neck - White - Thin machine knitted jumper

Jumper - Crew neck - Grey - Round necked top/jumper

Shirt/blouse - T-shirt - Brown - Brown/khaki round necked cotton style t-shirt

Belt - Black - With a silver coloured plain buckle

Hose - Socks - White

Footwear - Trainers - Black - Appears to be a white 'lacoste' logo on the tongue of the shoe


(1) Packet of cigarettes (1) Lighter (1) Strip of Paracetemol with some missing (1) Strip of Nexium Control (for heart burn) with some missing (1) Box of matches

London Greater London


07/12/15 | Metropolitan Police


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