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Result 17-000918

Age Range50 to 70
EthnicityWhite European
Height (cm) 165cm to 167cm
Date found03 / 02 / 2017
Estimated Death01 / 02 / 2017
Body or remainsBody

Male body was found in a field near Hollow Lane, Canterbury and had been deceased for about 48 hours. He died from natural causes. It is possible he had spent time in London in the weeks prior to his death. His upper teeth were dentures.

Hair White - Short
Facial hairFull beard
Eye colourBlue

Shirt/blouse - Shirt - Multiple shirts

Trousers - Cords - Multi - Green/brown cords

Tie - Multiple ties


Oyster card (unregistered), book titled 'Clinical Theology: A Theological and Psychological basis to clinical pastoral care' by Frank Lake, black cabin style suitcase containing toiletries

Canterbury Kent


03/02/17 | Kent County Constabulary


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