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All the latest news from the Bureau and our partners:

  • 3rd International Conference on Missing Children and Adults

    Abertay University in collaboration with the Scottish Institute for Policing Research, Police Scotland and the University of Portsmouth Centre for Study of Missing Persons are delighted to announce that the 3rd International Conference on Missing [ Continue reading ]

  • Artist impression of skull found in English Channel may help to identify it

    Police are hoping that an artist's impression of a man's skull found in the English Channel may help to identify it. On 12 September 2014 fishermen from Newhaven dredged up the skull while fishing off Newhaven. They brought it into Shoreham when they [ Continue reading ]

  • North Wales Appeal on Crimewatch

    North Wales Police has issued an appeal on Crimewatch for the public's help to identify a murder victim. On 14th November 2015, a member of the public camping in the Denbigh moors was searching for some firewood in a forest near Pentrellyncymer when he [ Continue reading ]

  • High Level Data Reports

    The UK Missing Persons Bureau has published high level data reports providing an overview on missing and absent person cases for the financial years 2013-2014 and 2014-2015.  A full data analysis report and assessment is being prepared and will be [ Continue reading ]

  • Missing People Christmas Carol Service 2015

    Christmas, the traditional time for families to come together, can be particularly painful for those searching for a missing loved one. On 7th December 2015, at St Martin-in-the-fields Church in Trafalgar Square, London, the charity Missing People are [ Continue reading ]

  • The second International Conference on Missing Children and Adults

    The Second International Academic Conference on Missing Children and Adults took place in Brussels between the 8th-10th July, 2015. The conference was organised jointly by Missing Children Europe, the Centre for the Study of [ Continue reading ]

  • Statutory Guidance on Children Who Run Away or Go Missing From Care

    Every child who goes missing from home or care will now have the chance to talk to an independent person about why they ran away. The new rules unveiled by Children and Families Minister Edward Timpson will see all children who return, having run away, [ Continue reading ]

  • Families living with absence

    Report calls for better police-family partnership in the search for missing people Better communication between the police and families of missing people is one of the key recommendations of a new report from the University of Glasgow. The research, [ Continue reading ]

  • Absent Report - University of Portsmouth

    An exploration of common police procedures for safeguarding practices in cases of missing children and adults. Dr Karen Shalev Greene and Dr Francis Pakes December 2013

  • BBC News Report

    A Europe-wide database of unidentified bodies should be established, the UK Missing Persons Bureau says. Joe Apps, who heads up the bureau, told BBC News it would help families who were searching for missing loved ones. A year ago, the bureau launched [ Continue reading ]



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