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Case SearchesCreated: 12-11-12

How do I do a search?

There are a number of search parameters you can use to restrict the number of cases that will be returned or just click on search to have all the cases listed. The search parameters that are most useful are gender, age when last seen and ethnic appearance. On advanced search you can enter the location last see or distinguishing feature This information can be entered either into the fields on the home page or use the case search tab.

How does the search on 'age' work?

When using 'Age' to search our records we create a possible range of ages based upon the age and date last seen values provided. For the lower end of this range we take the age provided and remove 5 years. For the upper end we add 5 years, plus the difference between the date last seen and the date found. This range allows us to ensure that any discrepancies in the identified age are accounted for.



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