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  • Case Searches

    How do I run a search? There are a number of search parameters you can use to restrict the number of cases that will be returned, or just click on 'search' to see all the cases listed. The search parameters that are most useful are gender, age when [ Continue reading ]

  • Case Results

    What cases are included? All unidentified cases, including bodies, remains and alive individuals, found in the UK will be eligible for publicising on the website. However, cases within the categories outlined below will generally be excluded from [ Continue reading ]

  • Case General

    How is the Missing Persons Bureau informed of cases? Police/coroners inform the Bureau of unidentified person cases in accordance with the 2009 Code of Practice which states that the Bureau is informed if the person is still unidentified [ Continue reading ]

  • Reporting a Name

    How do I contact the Missing Persons Bureau to report a possible name? The best way to contact the Bureau is by email at missingpersonsbureau@nca.x.gsi.gov.uk  giving as much information as possible about the person you think it is such as [ Continue reading ]

  • Press

    Why is this site needed? Although many unidentified cases receive local or national publicity at the time they are found, this publicity may be short lived, and experience has shown that the families and friends of these people may not see or fail to [ Continue reading ]

  • Bureau General

    How do I report someone missing? Contact your local police station. If you are extremely concerned for the person dial 999 and ask for the Police. People who are deaf, hard of hearing or speech impaired can text 999 (although you must be registered to [ Continue reading ]



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