The aim of our website is to publicise information about unidentified people and remains, enlisting the public to help maximise the chances of identification. It is hoped the website will empower families of missing people to play an active part in searching for their loved ones and bring vital closure if they are identified. Our website also features general information around missing person investigations and is intended to be a valuable resource.

The public can review unidentified cases and send details regarding the potential identity via the online reporting form. We will acknowledge the e-mail within 5 working days, however depending on the quality of information provided we cannot guarantee that the force/coroner will be able to investigate further or how long the investigation may take.


Lost Contact and Missing

A number of people who have lost contact with family and friends may decide to report them missing after reviewing our website. There is a difference, however, between a missing person and a lost contact case and police forces do not deal with the latter. There are a number of reasons why people lose touch with each other, such as moving house or family conflict, and it is understandable that they seek to reconnect. However if there is no indication of vulnerability or concern then this will be considered a lost contact case and police will not become involved. Instead there are a number of tracing agencies who may be able to provide a service (please see Resources for more information).

However, if when searching the website, if you believe one of the unidentified cases featured is a family member or friend with whom you have lost contact then do send the details through with as much information as possible. Even though they may not have been reported missing, if there is enough information to indicate a potential match then the police will still investigate accordingly.

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