The Missing Persons Authorised Professional Practice provides guidance to police regarding responding to and investigating missing person reports.
The following websites may be of use if you have a friend or relative who has gone missing. They may also be of help if you are a missing person and require advice on how to make contact with your family or who you can turn to for advice.
The following websites are for organisations aimed at helping children who go missing and their families, or who are thinking of running away. They also provide useful resources for police and other professionals working with missing or vulnerable children.
The following services may be of assistance where a child has been taken overseas by one of their parents, without the permission of the other parent. These services will also offer advice and assistance to police officers dealing with a Parental Child Abduction report.
Services for those who are looking to trace relatives with whom contact has been lost over the years, maybe through house moves or family conflict, or for those who are looking to research their family history.
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